Episode: "Penis Inspection"

Once again I had a big surprise for all my friends, and I mean a BIG surprise!!!!! I gathered 3 friends and had them sit on the bed while I brought out this guy with a gigantic penis, it was over 10 inches long and thick as my fist! It had a very oddly shaped purple head and I thought that was great. So I had the guy come out and show us his penis, we each got to touch it a little bit and make him really hard. He also played with it infront of us for a bit and we measured it in all sorts of ways to see how big it was. None of us had ever seen a penis that big and were really excited. Each of us decided to try different size condoms on the huge penis to see which one fit. It was crazy, soo many would not fit until we got to the XXL condom and even that was tough to get on! Once that condom was on, we each took turns giving him a great handjob into the condom, then we took turns touching the cum in the tip of the condom, it was very warm! My friends and I had a great day :)

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