Episode: "The A B Game"

Hey Guys, its game time!! YaaaaY!! So got together with an old friend of mine Liberty the other day...i hadnt seen in in forever being so busy with my site in all...i guess she figured the only way shed get to spend some time with me is if she did a shoot with me..which is actually kinda of a big deal seeing as shes never done porn before... i mean i was really didnt to expect her to go as far as actually hjaving sex in our shoot..i never knew what an amazing body she had...milky white soft skin yummmm! b ut anyay i digress...so LIberty and i came up with this little contest well actually it was a joint effort of me liberty and many suggestions i got you adoring fans of mine... for our two victims...uh i mean contestants...I would be blind folded while each would take turns doing diffent sexual things to me..then i would rate them...the winner gets a big surprise..well actually a couple surprises...one amazing!!! and one not so amazing but oh so ammussing..i forget how does ice cold freezing water feel on your guys penises? hmm well only one way to find out i guess heheh

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