Episode: "Popcorn, soda, vibrators and a penis please."

When i look back on the crazy misadventures ive been on i am simply amazed.  All those wonderful boys and girls ive met along the way, and all those beautiful penis'!!!  I thought is was time to celebrate, i probably should have done this for my 100th or 200th episode but to be honest i have no idea how many ive actually done, so i thought now was as good a time as any.  I invited a bunch of my girlfriends over as well as hiring a couple of guys to act as ushers.  These ushers were instructed to serve popcorn and refreshments as well as an assortment of vibrators and other wonderful toys.  They were also there to serve themselves literally cause i know my girls and after watching some of my movies i know there gunna want some hands on dick hehehe....i also surprised them with a very special brand new video starring me of course which they were all apart of you should have seen the look on their faces once they realized what was going on, hilarious and oh so hot...enjoy!!!

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