Episode: "The Peeping Toms"

So I'm over at my friend Tesa's house relazing when she drags me over behind her neighbors house cause she said there was something I just had to see. I peak over the fence and all I see is this guy sunbathing. She tells me to "wait for it" I ofcourse have no idea what it is im waiting for. Finally he makes a move, he's bringing out his laptop, big whoop i think. At this point i was about to go back inside it being so hot and all but tesa wouldnt let me. Finally it happened and I knew what all the fuss was about, the guy is jerking off to internet porn in his backyard. Pretty great huh, of course me being me I couldnt just sit there and watch tesa and I snuck into his backyard and gave a a big scare, and then of course a big surprise!

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