Merry Christmas


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Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you will all have a great christmas and get everything you want. I went and got myself a little early present!! it's a small bunny and I love it, I named him pickles and i take him everywhere with me. He is only 6 months old and the cutest thing in the world. Here is a picture of me with pickles I took some pics of me in a santa hat for fun, I figured you guys might like that. I did alot of shopping this week and let me tell you, the malls are INSANE. I even saw on the news that some people were getting trampled at wallmart over some video game stuff. I am too small to get trampled so I just stay at the outlet malls, that is where I get better deals anyways haha. I am really looking forward to new years, I just bought a nice dress for it and will be sure to get some pics for you guys. Muah.

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My Trip To Orlando


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So I had wanted to check out orlando for along time, but I did not even get to check out all the theme parks and stuff, instead I spent alot of time with my cousins and hung out in the backyard... SUPPPPPPER exciting, that is sarcasm by the way. I even participated in a sport made famous by people in orlando, it's called kicking around a basketball in the backyard, that was a highlight of my trip.. Wait a second thats not true, I also saw a van with a chair on it and snapped a pic. ohhhhhh before I forget, is my ass getting fatter? I really think it is, I am not eating much more or anything, but it is definitely getting more plump, I had my cousin take a picture because in these pants, it was massive, some guys like that and I am sure some of the guys i find for my site will enjoy it, only time will tell :) Muah.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Gobble gobble ya'll, I hope everyones thanksgiving was as fun as mine. It was a pretty simple thanksgiving really, just me and a couple girlfriends of mine. We all helped out with cooking the dinner. I was responsible for the mashed potatos mostly cause its the only thing i know i can cook without totally ruining it...hehe although there were a couple of complaints about them being too lumpy but that just happens to be how i like them so tuff titty for them. My friend Shelly cooked the turkey, it was a little dry but i didnt say anything cause shes my friend and i have trouble critisizing friends unless they do something really bad but i dont consider overcooking a turkey a bit as something really bad so i just kept my little mouth shut...well not really shut cause i was too busy gordging myself to keep my mouth shut...i ate soooo much, i was a little piggy. I like pigs i think theyre cute. Thats why as soon as im done writing this to you im gunna go run around the block a few times to make up for how much of a little piggy i was at dinner last night. I better hurry up because its gunna get dark soon and i dont like running when its dark outside cause i get scared. I dont like being scared its....scary. i know i know im a dork :)P You know what my favorite part of thanksginving is..the leftovers I think on my jog ill stop by shellys and make myself a dried turkey sandwich with lumpy mashed potatos mmmmmm well i better get my running clothes on, and since its kinda getting dark i think ill bring my can of mase just in case, that rhymes :) bye guys!!

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Mudvayne Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So i just had one of the most excting nights of my life last night! do you guys wanna now why? its because i went to see mudvayne play last night. they are my favoritist (yes i know thats not a word) band ever ever ever ever ever ever. This is like the gabillionth time ive seen them but they just get better better. usually i dont like when bands get popular cuz they seem to lose something..i dont know what but they just dont seem to be as good, but mudvayne will forever ever ever ever ever ever ever be the best band ever ever. I fell inlove with them back when they first came out back in like 1997 when no one knew who they were they kicked butt then and they still kick butt today. i guess now would be a good time to tell you that i was once in a band ( im not just trying to show off im going somewhwere with this i swear) so anyway i was in a band called the fandangos and my lead guitarest eddy knew the bass player ryan so thats how i got into them. I miss my rock n roll days as a singer. we broke up cause i was "dating" pretty much everyone in my band and i guess all they guys kinda got jealous of each other and it got too much tensionfull. SO anyway the point of the stroy is mudvayne rules oh and that reminds me you guys should go see saw2 cause in the credits is a new mudvayne song called forget to remember and it rocks and so do all of you!!!

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