Episode: "The Mask Guy"

This guy is a friend of mine that wanted to be on my site. He was very paranoid that his girlfriend would find out and he wanted to wear a mask. The mask looked really stupid and kind of scared me. So after like 2 minutes, he started complaining about it, so I just had my friend blur out his face. I dont know why guys are so complicated, for a free blowjob, shouldnt you all be thrilled? Anyways, I had been hearing about this guys dick for a while, it was supposenly pretty long, in college people called him "mr long" so I was curious to see it. To make a long story short, his dick was pretty long, but not as thick as I would of liked it. It was still alot of fun to suck and he only lasted about 10 minutes before cumming in my mouth, and yes I swallowed it all, it tasted kinda salty.

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