Episode: "Experimentation"

I was hanging out having some coffee at a bookstore with my friend lucas and of course time i talk with someone sex always finds it way into the conversation. To my dismay lucas informed me hes been a bit of a square when it comes to trying new things in bed..so once again i took it upon myself to help out a friend in need. We went over to the special interest section picked up a couple kamasutra books and went back to my hotel room where i was determined to turn him into a more open minded person when it comes to trying new things. I wish i could say it was a complete success but unfortunatly there were some positions that just didnt quite work but it sure was fun trying. And the ones that did work...oh boy were they fun. After it all was over i think i can rest assured that i was successful in helping lucas loosen up a bit when it comes to fucking and im sure you guys will love watching me break him....see ya later.

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