Episode: "Hidden Cameras"

Every now and then my cameraman comes up with some pretty clever ideas, this happens to be one of them. So he asks me if i would be willing to make a post on Craig's list basically giving myself up to whomever was willing to come to my hotel room. I posted the the hotel name, room number, and time at which i would be there and made it perfectly clear that whoever showed up was going to have to let me have my why with them. So after i posted it i went back to my room with my cameraman and he set up a couple hidden cameras. He hid in the closet with one camera and hid another one on the otherside of the room and controlled it with a remote control. I was very surprised and a little dissapointed that only one dude showed up, and i he had me waiting for a lot longer than i expected i was going to have to. I bet alota people thought the posted was a joke...well if any of you who read it are reading this now YOU MISSED OUT!!! Atleast one guy showed up and he actually wasnt hlaf bad looking and he had a pretty nice cock. It was pretty great he knocked on my door i threw him on the bed i dont think i even gave him a chance to say hello. The sex was great and he had no idea the cameras or my camerman were watching, so he was pretty wild. I know you guys are gunna enjoy this one muah!

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