Episode: "Penis Parade"

hey guys, i have a question for all of you: what do 4 ponchos, a giant piece of plexiglass, candied apples, orange juice, a pedistal, some measuring equiptment and 8 of my beautiful and willing friends have in common??? do you guys give up do ya do ya??? well i could tell you...but then id have to kill you. No i would never do that to you guys unless of course i allready have killed you with my terrible sense of humor...i know its lethal :P so anyway back to the question at hand, what do all these things have in common? then answer...lies within this shoot. And i promise you guys it will astonish one and all, so step right up, IF YOU DAAAAAAARE!!! hehe :P :P :P I wish i could tell you more about this one guys i really do but the things that went on inside this hotel room are just too horrifyingly, insanely, death defyingly amaaaaaaaaaazing for words youre just gunna have to see for yourselves.

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