Episode: "#1 Fan"

So every now and againi like to take a walk on the wild side..well first let me start off by saying im loving all the feedback i get from you guys keep the emails comin i looooooooooooove hearin all the wonderful sweet nothings and i dont think a girl can ever have too many pictures of penisis on her computer keep sendin them in boys...so back to the wild side...i decided to meet a fan. Like many of you me and Brian have been writing back to each other for some time now, his last email said he was gunna be in miami for a couple days so i went out on a limb and told him id pick him up from the airport on the one condition that i could have my way with him when we got to his hotel room. surely enough the deal was made..he also had to promise he wasnt a homicidal maniac he of course assured me he wasnt and judging by his pictures hes been sending me i took his word for it. Hes an older man which i have always had a hankerin for. So to make a long story short (i know its too late for that) i picked him up we went to his hotel room and i gave him the time of his life..which is actually saying alot since hes old and has had a lot of life..but nothing like me :) hehe...i even let myself be at any request he desired for a small portion of our time together (naked jumping jacks?) and of course after i was done letting him fool me around i fucked his brains out...thanks Brian!!!:)!! and thank you guys keep the emails comin you never know who the nect lucky fan will be!

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