Episode: "The delivery boy"

Weve all seen the cheesy pornos where the pizza boy comes to the door with no pants on and que the porno wah wah music adn all of a sudden the pizza boy is cleaning some ladies pipes...well heres my version of that which im sure you will find much more satisfying...so there were just us 5 girls i invited 4 of my girlfriends to help me move in my new furniture. After many hours of work we all grew quite an appetite so we ordered some sandwiches from a local sandwhich shop...we ended up getting alot more than just sandwhiches...Poor kevin the delievery guy he neever knew what hit him when i answered the door...One second hes doing his job deilevring food and before he knows it hes being mobbed by a group of beautiful women...He was sooooo scared it was really cute...we started out with just barraging him witha bunch of personal and embarrassing questions..you know, easing him into what we were really planning on...lets just say he got the best tip of his life!

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