Episode: "Sure, my boyfriend wont mind."

For all you guys out there who arent treating your woman right this shoot is for you. Im sure most of you being as you are my fans are wonderful human beings and treat your girls (if you have one) with proper respect and admiration...ok i dont really give a shit abot that what is important is that youre fucking them properly cause if you dont she will run astray and it would be no ones fault but your own...as in this shoot here i am studying lah di dah when i wanna fuck but wheres my boyfriend (of course you guys know i dont really have a boyfriend per say as far as im concerned all you are my boyfriend but for the sake of this shoot being an example for you guys) so where was i..oh yes im home studying when i could be fucking but my boyfriend is too busy not fucking me to fuck me so i get this call from a friend whos been diggin me but ive held off due to me being in a relationship (again im not really in one!) so sense my boyfirend is not around to fuck i allow the guy to ocme over and well, youll see.....

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