Episode: "Penis and Pie"

Iím going to be honest, I think I may have started some kind of homemade porn revolution here! Okay, maybe I'm giving myself too much credit. You guys may have been making your own dirty homemade porn all along, but something weird is definitely going on. Ever since I put up that last shoot with Rachel and her boyfriend Josh, I have been getting a huge influx of fan mail. And the fan mail is amazing because it's fan mail with porn you guys made yourselves! Most of you guys been filming with your significant others, but weíve been getting some stuff with one person and sometimes one person with an odd choice of furniture?? Okay, guys! You know I love the weird stuff, too! Anyway, lets see some of this fan mail, right? This one is from Peter and Rubi, a way hot couple from...well, maybe they donít want that known! Whatever! They made this hot tape involving a pie and Peter's penis. You guys figure it out. Itís chalk full of hot sex and odd fetishes. I know you guys will love it just like I did! Enjoy and keep sending me those tapes!!! I love them!!!

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