Episode: "Makeout Party With a Twist!"

Who doesnt love a good ol fashioned girl on girl makeout party, if the answer is you well then theres something wrong with you...no i dont mean that i love all my fans i however love them which is why i invited two of my cutest friends to come over so i could watch them get it on, while playing with myself of course. what i didnt tell them was i invited a 3rd person over, you remember the upskirt fetish guy you know then one who showed up with a mirror strapped onto his shoe well i was so impressed with his level of pervertedness i had him back...i actually had him hiding in the bathroom he was suppose to comeout once the girls were done with the girl on girl stuff cause i knew after the two were done riling each other up they might be in need of some real dick...but of course being the pervert he is he kept comin outside the bathroom to get a look at all the action and started jerkin himself...what a perv!!! luckily being the expert perv that he is it was a while before he got caught and the girls were happily surprised and all 4 of us had a very happy ending!

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