Episode: "Virgin Newlyweds"

well now, they're not exactly virgins but they might as well be. See, this couple Kiara and Peter just got married, no big deal right?! Young people get married all the time, but heres the kicker: they've only had sex once and that was on their honeymoon. Yeah these 2 actually saved themselves for marriage, you dont see that too often nowadays; kind of comendable i guess. The problem is, sex is just like most other things in the sense that if you haven't been able to practice at it you aren't going to be very good at it. Which is of course where I come in. Peter has been emailing me for a while cause he wanted me to have a sit down with him and his wife, maybe see if I could give them some pointers. Originally, I didn't think it was a good idea seeing as she didn't seem like the kind of wife who would be happy with her husband watching porn. It turns out they're both fans of my site, weird huh? Anyway, one hour with me and these two are now on the road to a glorious and exciting sex life!

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