Frequently Asked Questions?

Question 1: How Old are you?

I am 23 years old, but I get carded everywhere, even the movies.

Question 2: Is this your site?

Yes, I am in all the videos, answer all the emails and all the shoots are my ideas. If you want to see something specific, you can always email me and we can chat about it.

Question 3: Who is shooting the videos?

Most of the videos are shot by my cousins Friend, however he has a real job so he cannot help me all the time when I ask. So I found some guy in film school who is over here on exchange, sometimes you might hear a really weird accent, that's him, I pay him a little bit but he is doing it more for the experience and the perks LOL, Like the time I gave him a handjob in one of the videos because a guy chickened out! You can see that video here

Question 4: The Trailers are really great, did you make those?

No, but it's amazing what a lonely guy will do for a few Blowjobs ;)

Question 5: Why did you get into this?

Because all kinds of girls have sites these days and most of them are pretty lame, I wanted to make something real and I think that shows. I truly believe that no girl at the age of 21 plays on swing sets and eats lollipops the size of pizza's. Girls my age are doing exactly what I am doing, and you get to see it through my eyes.Parents beware!

Question 6: Can I meet you sometime?

Most likely not, I am a home body, I play WoW and Diablo all day, besides that, it's kinda weird LOL

Question 7: Can I send you presents?

Why? I didnt get you anything haha. That is nice of you, but I am not doing this as a charity act like some people. If you really insist, you can email me, but I dont need anything :)

Question 8: If I see you in public, can I come up and introduce myself.

Sure, I got a taser for christmas and I have been wanting to try it out. Here is how the situation most likely will happen. Click Here

Question 9: Are you single?

Yes! Guys are very clingy, would you date me after seeing what I like to do socially? Seriously I am great in a non cocky way, but I am just not ready to settle down, Have to have my fun before I let some guy snatch me up lol.

Question 10: Can I be in your Videos?

Well, Yes and No. I have taped alot of movies that you have not seen because the guys cannot perform or get it up. This wastes my time and I have to pay my camera man. If you really think you can perform and you live in my area, then maybee we can work something out, but I am going to make sure you are tested and you will have to pay the camera guy if you fail. Oh and you will have to be on the site too! so get ready to be famous :)

Question 11: Do You have a Myspace?

Yes I have a myspace and you can add me on it, please keep in mind I only have 1, i see alot of imposters trying to pretend to be me. The offical one is Dont message me for passwords to the site, I wont respond :P

Question 12: How Often do you update the site?

Every Tuesday I update the site