Episode: "Taking Out The nOObs!"

Wow I just love playing video games! Hey guys itís me Brandi, and this week I had my friends Bella and May come over and play some games with me. I tried to show off my gaming skills. May wasn't a challenge at all pfft noob! But Bella knew her way around the controller. I can see why guys just love spending hours at a time pawning other players, it kind of made me a little horny thinking about how a guy would handle a challenging game or better yet how a guy would handle me while I dished out some serious skills. I can imagine a random dude fucking me while I played with my girlfriends online, and I could only imagine how Bella and May would look with a controller in one hand and a nice hard cock in the other. Better yet a cock in the mouth while they used their hands to play with the D pad. Hehe nonetheless we had lots of fun playing like real gamers.

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