Episode: "La Entrevue"

So while all this is obviosly acted it was truly insprired by my friend henry who just recently had one of the worst days of his life...and i know becuase i was there. I went to go visit it at his job to have lunch with him when i get there i see him cursing this guy out who happens to have been his boss until he got fired...so to cheer him up i told him we could go back to his place and id fuck his brains out..i mean if that doesnt cheer a guy up i dont know what will so we get to his place only to find the locks have been changed and there was an eviction notice on his door!!! yikes!!! so anyway i blew him behind his building by the dumpster unfortunatly not having nearly as much fun with him as me and my girls did with jordan in this shoot. You all should probably recognize him hes all over the web hes what some like to refer to as a porn "star" anyway i have to give it to him he acted out the story of my friend henry rather well and of course performed wonderfully during all the sex that went on with us..us being myself of course and my friends penelope and tiffanirox...oh yeah i should probably sum up the story of this shoot for you more clearly..i guy loses his job, gets evicted from his apt aplies for a job he find in the classified only to find out the interview is being done by me and my ever so horny girlfirends. We put him through some rather vigourous questioning and some uhhh "tests" i guess you could call them and of course fucking his brains out. Hope you all enjoy i know you will!

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