Episode: "My New Found Mentor Sheila..."

Man do I love milfs..so full of knowledge..so hot!!!! especially my new found mentor Sheila..I've never met anyone who has so much control over men...the power of sexuality! the power of being hot with huuuuuuuge boobs throw in the ability to suck a mean penis and youve got Sheila...I mean she literally has men walking around her house in nothing but a bowtie and socks...they're like her butlers only she pays them with sex and blowjobs...only its more like they're paying her..gah! its so weird, anyways so she invites me over to her place..oh yeah we met through mutual friends, another woman whos into well..you know, SEX! she ends up being a big fan of my site and wanted us to spend the afternoon together at her house because she had something to show me...she said she thought I'd be quite impressed, and boy was I ever..shes got this dude Armond, a naked butler, a kid, well not literally a kid but a lot younger than you'd expect a butler to be..of course he's not a real butler anyway...so yeah he opens the door for me in nothing but a bowtie and socks "madam will be with you shortly he says" so anyway our afternoon consists of her showing off all the things she can get this boy to do...washing her car...baking cupcakes...always naked you go up to start tuggin on his thing a bit..its fun to watch him tru to concentrate on washing a car while youre giving him a handjob..after all the work he did we rewarded him both with a beautiful bj...but the best part was at the end of the day sheila surprised me with a boybutler all for myself...so guess what i did! I BLEW HIM...and had him cum on a biscotti and ate it...the end!

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